Your Intelligence vs Your Emotional Intelligence

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Intelligence is a widely discussed phenomenon throughout human history. Different people have given a definition of intelligence according to their perception and thought process. According to famous Greece philosopher Socrates’, “I know that I am intelligent because I know that I know nothing”. Well, this definition doesn’t fit in our common sense about intelligence but coming from a personality known for his wisdom this definition clearly makes sense.

Intelligence over the years has become diverse and different aspects of personality are now being given space in the total spectrum of intelligence. Now intelligence is divided into multiple sections that have their own share in developing human intelligence. Different types of intelligence required for the overall development of humans are

  • Cognitive intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Technical intelligence
  • Social intelligence and
  • Environmental intelligence

They all are part of our thought process and together they define our intelligence level. However, the first two are the most important and shapes our personality. Together they are called interpersonal intelligence. But first, let us explain what cognitive and emotional intelligence are?

Cognitive intelligence- commonly known as IQ, cognitive ability is the chart intelligence or mental intelligence we have. It is our ability to solve any problem, equation or the success we get in completing any project. In short cognitive intelligence is what we commonly define about intelligence.

Emotional intelligence- emotional intelligence or EQ is defined with the ability of an individual in evaluating, expressing and controlling his emotions. High EQ is responsible for managing your calm during tense situations people with high EQ are likely to become good leaders or team player because of their ability to understand, evaluate and control the situation.

There has been a lot of discussion about the comparison between IQ and EQ, as which one is more important and vital for a successful life. Here we have compared both intelligence on different parameters and have defined them with the best possible methods available.

Comparison between intelligence and emotional intelligence

Both intelligence and emotional intelligence are important and they are vital parts of the human personality. But at the same time, they are two different aspects and widely differ from each other in terms of definition, attributes, abilities, and requirements.

Requirements for emotional intelligence and intelligence-

Emotional intelligence is required in situations where a person needs to identify, evaluate and control his emotions. Sometimes no matter how quick thinker we are? We are not able to express our thoughts as the situation is not favorable. Emotional intelligence plays a vital role in resolving such a situation. a person with high EQ will come as a winner because of his ability to control emotions.

Whereas intelligence stands for the application of skills, reasoning, logical thinking and word comprehension a person has. The functioning of the brain and thought process is the reason behind this applications and abilities.

Importance at workplace and life

Emotional intelligence is important in becoming a good team player, in managing leadership and in maintaining successful relationships at work, and in life. If a person is collaborating, taking any initiative that he must have the high emotional intelligence to be successful. Whereas if he is taking some challenging task or doing some analysis then he needs a high level of cognitive intelligence.

Both emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence are important to be successful and happy in life. They might work in different aspects but they work together in making a person what he is and what he wants to be.