CBD Pain Reliever-Try HempXtra Massage Pain Reliever Gel

Medical cannabis is being used for managing various symptoms associated with chronic diseases and syndromes. Various kinds of chemicals have been extracted from the cannabis plant and tested for their medicinal properties. One such class of chemicals is CBD or cannabidiols. These are found to be very effective in treating pains and providing relaxation to the people whose life has come to a stands-still due to aching backs and joints.

How CBD pain reliever like Hempxtra works?

Pain is nothing but a signal sent from the brain indicating some kind of problem with the body. CBD is considered better than opioids for relieving pain as it does not have habit forming tendencies. It actually interacts with the receptor cells in the brain and immune system and stops them from responding to various stimuli. The stimulus in case of pain management is a chemical build-up caused due to inflammation.

What kinds of pains are relieved and how?

CBD oil is not recommended for mild headaches or occasional pains happening due to fatigue. It is actually used for managing pain that becomes chronic, such as back pain. Pains can be due to many reasons, such as:


With ageing, muscles and joints become weak. They are not able to withstand stress of any kind. The role of CBD oil as pain reliever is that of checking the ageing process. Since the cells do not deteriorate fast by the action of CBD oil, the inflammation is not caused much. Thus, antiageing properties of CBD oil help in relieving pain related to growing age.


Nerves come under stress when pushed to the limits. In case of back pain too, it is actually the brain and spinal cord function which is disrupted due to continued stress. CBD massage oil works as stress reliever when applied topically and keeps people in pain going.


There are certain infections that lead to inflammation of tissues. Pain caused by the inflammation is also controlled by applying CBD massage oil.

So, when the pain kicks in and refuses to go, try using CBD oil. This oil works as effective pain reliever but is yet to get the nod from food and drugs authorities of various countries.