CBG Rolls and its Medical benefits you need to know

Do you know what is CBG? CBG stands of cannabigerol, and presently lot of research is being done throughout the globe, in order to find its medical properties. However, no clinical trial has yet been conducted. The existence of these plants can be traced back to more than thousands of years. However, very little could be known about the medical properties of this plant. However, whatever little bit of research which has already been conducted; they have yielded

Laboratory trials on CBG has been carried out on various animals; and there has been indication, that CBG can prove to be quite useful in treating cancer, colitis and neuro degeneration

CBG Pre-Roll Products

There are quite a few options available in the market, when it comes to CBG Pre-Rolls. Here is a brief insight into some of them

  • HHemp CBG Pre Roll: This particular product contains high volume of CBG cannabinoids.It is rolled with a blend of White CBG Flower and Suver Haze. It contain properties which offer the pre roll with a very calming effect. This is one of the benefits which this product has to offer. It helps to calm the nerves and relax the neurons in the brain.
  • HHemp Hawaiian Haze: This roll is made from the cannabis strains which are extracted from Hawaiian Haze. It comes with a In terms of flavor and aroma, it comes with a cheesy smell and a mint like flavor. When unique blend of CBG hemp flower, and is very rich in CBG cannabinoids. When it comes to is smell and flavor, it comes with a very soothing aroma of pine. It has proven to be very effective for calming the nerves and also treating anxiety
  • HHemp pre-roll CBG+ Lifter: This particular product is made from the extracts of the Lifter cannabis. It contains 1 gm of White CBG and Lifterit comes taste, it is sweet to the mouth. This pre-roll has proven to be quite effective in offering relief from body pain. Besides, it is also known for offering a rejuvenating effect and helps to refresh the mind.
  • HHemp pre-roll CBG+ Special Sauce: This CBG pre-roll is an excellent energy booster and like other products, this one also has a calm and soothing effect to offer. This one is considered to be as one of the most powerful CBG pre-rolls, as it has proven to be very effective when it comes to boosting the level of energy, and at the same time, offering a relaxing and soothing effect to the mind and body.
  • HHemp pre roll CBG+ OG Kush: This product contains extracts from Indica and Sativa. It comes with the flavor of lime and lemon. It yields a spicy taste when smoked. It is known for offering a very uplifting and calming effect. The fact that it contain high level of THC, makes the euphoric properties so rich in this product.

These are some of the CBG Pre-Rolls available in the market. Apart from these, there are various other kinds which have become quite popular.