Enthusiastic Edmonton Canadians engulf the cannabis stores across Alberta

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Edmonton, the capital of Alberta province was enthralled with the legalization of cannabis.  The new industry of cannabis which so far only been legalized to sell medicinal cannabis has now opened the gates after Uruguay for official selling of cannabis.  The process of selling cannabis started in Canada of giving and approving cannabis stores across Canada in August 2018. 17 cannabis stores opened shop to sell legalized cannabis in the Alberta province and 6 shops only in Edmonton from 17th October 2018.

What are the goals of Cannabis Act?

The Cannabis Act has laid down the certain strict legal framework for buying cannabis from the legalized cannabis stores Edmonton and in other cities.  The main goal of this Act lies on its three goals:

  1. To keep the youth out of the cannabis use
  2. To eradicate the criminals by abolishing their illegal cannabis business
  3. To protect the health of the adults who are in need of legal cannabis

How will this Act enable to buy cannabis across the cannabis stores Edmonton?

Apart from the Act, there could be provincial and territorial restrictions for cannabis sales in cannabis stores in Edmonton and other cities.  Out of 6 cannabis stores selling legalized cannabis in Edmonton, the million Canadians have to know about their legal rights of purchasing and holding cannabis.

Guidelines to purchase and possess cannabis bought from cannabis stores Edmonton:

  • Adults above 18 years can possess up to 30 grams of cannabis dried or equivalent in the non-dried form in public. This means they can possess up to 150 grams of fresh cannabis
  • Adults can share up to 30 grams of cannabis with other adults
  • Should buy cannabis from only cannabis stores Edmonton
  • Online purchase of cannabis is allowed with shipment only in Canada
  • Can grow 4 cannabis plants per household from licensed seed or seedlings
  • Food and drinks with cannabis can be prepared at home in Canada now.

It is all the Canadians of Edmonton wanted to buy legalized cannabis from the 6 cannabis stores Edmonton.