Five tips for successful crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding is the process in which people get to contribute their money online to a cause through any of the crowdfunding platforms. It has a load of advantages over the traditional fundraising. Crowdfunding in India is catching up fast, especially among the educated middle class with access to the internet, and the phenomenon has a lot of potential to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

But since almost everyone with a bright idea is joining the crowdfunding bandwagon, you need to be aware of the tricks that would make donors choose your campaign over others’, because crowdfunding has sadly become competitive due to the sheer volume of campaigns out there today. Here are 5 very essential tips you need to follow in order to make your crowdfunding campaign a success.

  •         Understand who are going to be your supporters

It is important to build your support base, because that is the only way crowdfunding works. And frankly, it is not going to happen overnight. Crowdfunding campaigns attain more success with experience. To build your base, you need to start by promoting your campaign through offline methods, to choose the best crowdfunding platform in India and to have an attractive campaign.

  •         Appeal to your audience

You need to make your audience understand how exactly their donation is going to impact lives, and how essential their donation is. For that, you need to be very transparent about your campaign and the crowdfunding platform, and you need to personally acknowledge each donation and keep the donors informed about the progress made by the campaign in every stage.


  •         Have a well-planned initiative

Crowdfunding does not work without proper marketing, Again, this is because of the sheer number of campaigns out there. You need to prevent your campaign from sinking into oblivion, and because of that you need to have videos and photos and details at every stage to reach out to your audience.

  •         Choose the correct platform.

This is the most crucial bit. You need to put up your campaign on the best crowdfunding platform in India in order to ensure donor trust, satisfactory donor traffic, safety of transactions and privacy, and audience reach.


  •         Deliver

Deliver on your promise. Understand that this is the only way you are going to ensure the success of your future campaigns that is how you build a name and trust for yourself. Also, if you are new in the crowdfunding game, do not make promises you can’t deliver, start small, and be realistic in your expectations.