Things You Should Know Before Getting Braces

Orthodontics is a subspecialty of dentistry that includes dental braces. Tooth misalignment is a typical reason for the usage of props. Braces can straighten teeth, correct overbite and underbite, enhance smile appearance, and increase self-esteem. If you are considering braces, you already know why they are necessary. 

Have you mentally prepared yourself to have those wires in your mouth for a considerable amount of time till you achieve that flawless smile? If you are considering getting braces, read on to find out what to anticipate. Kings Mountain general dentist can help you understand better.

What exactly are braces? Let us start with the basics.

Using braces is a method for correcting malocclusion, including crowding, crookedness, and jaw misalignment. Metal braces affixed to each tooth individually are known as classical braces. Elastic O-rings attach the archwire to the brackets, providing pressure on the teeth and jawline. At each orthodontic appointment, the orthodontist will change the elastic bands and make minor adjustments to the archwire to accommodate the gradual movement of your teeth into their proper positions. Braces are more subtle and hidden these days.

  • Dietary changes are necessary: Brushing your teeth will be challenging when you have dental wires. Eating may also become more of a challenge as you may find some foods trapped between your teeth. You must cut out or severely limit candies, gummy bears, and chewing gum.
  • Modifying your oral regimen will be necessary: Brushing your teeth while they are covered in metal is not fun. The best way to maintain clean teeth is to learn to floss, rinse, gargle, and brush properly. Thanks to the abundance of convenient dental care products available today, this process is much more accessible.
  • Some athletes may benefit from using a mouth guard: My braces could be in jeopardy if my job or hobbies put you in danger of getting things close to your mouth. Therefore, you might have to wear a mouthguard occasionally as an extra safety measure.
  • Some discomfort is possible: When getting wires attached to your teeth, you should be prepared to experience minor pain. But you will get used to it, and the discomfort will not be as bad as initially. 
  • Orthodontic therapy nowadays is safe for healthy adults of virtually any age, dispelling long-held myths about the treatment’s inaccessibility. Wearing a terrific smile is something you can do at any age.
  • Be patient, and you will see stunning, long-lasting results: Straightening up misaligned teeth takes time. Because straightening your teeth with braces is an organic process, it may take a long time (years) before you can finally grin freely again.