The Truth About Fillers And Botox

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The fillers and Botox are used to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles or to make desired changes in the face or skin. Both are seemed to be same but truth is, they are different. It is your choice to get either a filler or Botox for your facial treatment as both provide a diverse variety to choose from. No doubt both are the addition to the revolutionary world and people are happy with it. Now what makes the Fillers and Botox different, could be known by reading full information written below, for the best treatment you can contact Snoqualmie Dentistry.


The filler treatment involves the use of injections in which the hyaluronic acid (HA) is stored which is transferred into the skin through the needle. Actually this acid keeps our skin hydrated and nourished but with the age, this acid starts lacking and thus in order to bring back all the moisture, people get fillers. The wrinkles appeared before time seem annoying and by injecting HA in the form of fillers, recover them soon. This method is painful but it does not last longer because it is done very early. This treatment takes up to 30-40 minutes and after 20 minutes, the patient can see the improvement. This treatment lasts up to 2.5 years and proves to be beneficial.


The Botox is basically a product in the market which is also injected in the skin through the needle. The treatment helps in lightening of the fine lines but this treatment lasts only three to six months. It is much cheaper than the fillers as well and helps get rid of all the wrinkles caused by the facial expressions. This treatment has no specific or any long term side effects which means it is safe to get and you need not to worry about the results because they come out to be good.  

Thus, both are different, both have different functions and the results as well. Only you have to do is choose the one which suits you much or you find suitable for your treatment. The guidance of your skin specialist can also let you know what kind of treatment your wrinkled skin needs. So if you want to see the good doctors and keep your face wrinkled free, you may contact A to Zzz Dental Snoqualmie to find best treatments for your teeth.