Hair Regrowth Solutions

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Losing hair is not a problem; each person loses about 100n hairs each day. Thick hair screams youth and beauty so having thin hair can be tough to handle. While hair loss can be genetic or age-related, it could also be a sign that something is imbalanced in your body. There are some simple solutions to get your hair growing again.

  1.    Eat healthy

Sure, you think your hair is super important but remember it is dead cells after all. It is, therefore, non- essential to your body. Once your body is done dealing with the necessary processes like breathing, providing energy to your body and supplying nutrients to your body, your hair gets the leftovers. It is, therefore, your duty to make sure that you are eating healthy to ensure that enough nutrients are left for your hair.

Protein is your best friend. It provides an essential building block for your hair and scalp. Ensure that you are eating a lot of lean meat, eggs, fish, and beans. Proteins allow your hair to be moisturized by providing omega- 3 fatty acids. Additionally the use of products from Nisim International as shampoo to prevent hair loss is another source providing nutritional benefits to your hair.

Control stress

There is a massive connection between anxiety and hair loss. If you did not know how you do.  It is critical that you find ways to manage and relieve stress for the sake of your hair and your self-esteem. So eat healthy, drink a lot of water, exercises regularly, breath in deeply when you have a problem and sleep the recommended eight hours a day. If all that does not work, look for someone to talk to about the issues that are troubling you.

Remember your scalp

Your scalp is a critical part of your body when it comes to your hair. Its blood supply allows your hair to grow. Always make sure that your scalp is hydrated, nourished and healthy. Remember to massage it once in a while so that there is better blood circulation. A scalp massage is also a great way to get you relaxed.

The use of Nisim hair loss shampoo also ensure your scalp and hair are clean and safe. Regularly using alopecia shampoo will not only give you a good practice but also support your hair re-grow.

Avoid over styling

While those tight braids you saw your friend with looked amazing, they may be damaging her hair by cutting it from the roots. If your hair has curly, work them out slowly over a period of two or three days instead of demanding that straight look immediately.  Because hair breaks faster than it is made, over styling and hairstyles that are too tight should be avoided if you want your hair to be thick again.

Opt for medical assistance

If all the methods you try do not work out, try using FDA approved medications that have great reviews. Most of the medicines are effective, and you will see results in four to six months. If all else fails, or you need faster results, hair transplant surgery is a great option.