How is CBD oil harvested?

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The cannabis plant and its medicinal properties are well known. The scientists have proven it as a “nuclear bomb” in the field of medicine. It has several health benefits from causing relaxation to body muscles to providing relief from nausea in cancer patients. But the most important question which arises in the mind of people is that, how is it extracted from the hemp plant? It is because hemp also has a negligible percentage of THC in it which is considered illegal. The answer to this can be many.


  • Using a liquid is a fast, easy and inexpensive option of getting the extraction from the plant. Under this a liquid solvent is run through the plant, which absorbs all the cannabinoids from the plant. Then the liquid is allowed to evaporate, leaving behind the oil containing the constituents.

  • Another method which is quite expensive is the one in which carbon dioxide or CO2 is used. A piece of equipment with three chambers, known as closed loop extractor is put to use. The first chamber contains CO2 in the form of dry ice, in second dried hemp plant material is kept and the third is left empty. The CO2 is run through the second chamber at a controlled temperature and pressure so that its state is somewhat between liquid and gas. When it passes it extracts the cannabinoids, and enters the third chamber, where CO2 rises to the top and oil with the required component is left at the bottom.

The oil extracted is then used in various ways, like the production of CBD gummies. These candy like toffees are equally effective as it is made from the oil itself. Although the different procedures may have its own drawbacks or negative impacts, the one through CO2 has no cons other than being a bit expensive.

On the other hand the liquid solvent method destroys the wax of the plant and the chlorophyll also gets in the oil which gives a bitter taste to the oil. New methods should also be found to make it economically feasible to do the good deed. As with the growing interest of people in the context of cannabis, soon the demand for CBD products will shoot up in the medical market.