How to improve our brain power?

We would all like to improve our cognitive ability beyond the limits imposed by Mother Nature. If this were so, it is clear that the consequences for society would be enormous, as well as that it would help us to unveil the secrets of the human mind. From the point of view of cognitive training, the brain is a kind of muscle that can be strengthened with proper exercise. This consists of activities or games that are usually practiced on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Despite all the studies, at the moment there is no agreement about its effectiveness. Some think it improves a series of cognitive abilities, while others are much more pessimistic. However, we know that some cognitive abilities, such as working memory and intelligence, often go together, and that they are indicators of real-life capabilities such as professional performance. Therefore, exercise a cognitive capacity could produce the improvement of many others, cognitive and non-cognitive. This is precisely the starting hypothesis on which the training of working memory is based. If you are wondering where to buy modafinil from, you can buy modafinil online through the recommended site.

How It Works?

Working memory is anintellectual system associatedwithtemporary memory that stores as well as manipulates the materialessential to solve complex cognitive tasks. The amount of information that this system can handle is quite limited. If they ask us to memorize a certain number of objects or figures in a short time, we only manage to memorize seven on average. The type of intelligence with which the working memory capacity correlates most closely is the so-called fluid intelligence. The term refers to the ability of a person to solve new problems and adapt to unknown situations.

Fluid intelligence is the most reliable indicator of academic success andprofessional performance. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to think that practicing activities related to working memory -like n-back tests , which present people with a sequence of visual stimuli and ask them to indicate when the stimulus that appears corresponds with another appeared before in the sequence – can enhance the capacity of working memory and, consequently, fluid intelligence and school or professional performance. You can also buy armodafinil to enhance the capacity of working memory

Tips to boost your mental strength

  • Drinking water as well as hydrating helps to increase your mental energy
  • Use the breath deliberately
  • Get more mental energy thanks to diet
  • Laughter stimulates your positive mental energy
  • Reading books helps you grow and has a healing power
  • Personal relationships are a source of emotional energy
  • Walking daily rises mental energy as well as brings you close to the environment
  • Playing mental games or “brain games” will increase your power and mental energy
  • Exercise- When we do physical exercise, the brain is also exercised. In fact, treating our body well helps us process and remember information.
  • Sleep well- When there is lack of sleep, the brain cannot function at full capacity. Skills such as creativity, problem-solving skills, critical thinking and other intellectual skills are seriously compromised.
  • Control stress- The stress is one of the worst enemies of the brain. In addition to stress, depression, anxiety and chronic worry are also harmful to the brain as well as intellectual capacity.