How To Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting In Gurgaon

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Staying fit and looking good is everybody’s desire. But, not all are able to achieve the dream figure so easily. Especially, those who gained weight out of PCOS, hormonal imbalance or morbid obesity syndrome need medical help in losing lot many pounds. It is believed that improving metabolism is one of the basic necessities to lose weight. But, when in spite of regulating metabolism, you fail to shed pounds; option of going for surgery to lose weight in Gurgaon is available.

This surgery is also known as bariatric surgery. It involves changing the anatomy of the stomach and intestinal portion so that the food intake can be controlled. Some of the examples of bariatric surgery in Gurgaon are: gastric bypass, duodenal switch creation, making adjustable gastric band and so on. Most of these surgeries are done to enable reduction in calorie intake. For example, in gastric bypass:

  • The small portion of stomach, about one ounce in size is cut.
  • The small intestine is also cut and the lower part of intestine is brought up and attached to the cut portion of stomach.
  • Thus, a bypass route skipping the major portion of stomach is created.
  • This helps reducing the calorie intake as the capacity of stomach to hold food is reduced drastically in this procedure.

Though dieting is considered the safe way of losing weight, the bariatric surgery is suggested when the person is suffering from some sort of compulsive eating disorder and has not control over desire of eating.

Why Bariatric surgery

It is done to yield faster results in terms of losing weight as the amount of calorie intake is reduced and so less working out is required.

Bariatric surgery in Delhi is also available in specialized clinics if you want to take the surgery route to control weight gain.