What Does Star Health Insurance Cover?


Can anyone deny the importance of a health insurance policy? A medical emergency can anytime knock on your door and you can start feeling helpless in case you don’t have enough savings. However, it is not feasible to exhaust all your savings. In this scenario, you need a helping hand regardless of your financial capability. A proper health insurance plan provides assurance, with which a policyholder can avail top-class medical attention at a decreased cost.

With the inflated price structure of Medicare, more and more insurance policies have started appearing with tempting deals. However, it is very important to make a proper analysis before making a final decision in order to avoid the hassles in the future.

Star Health Insurance is one of the most reputed and trustworthy health insurance policies with a prominent presence throughout the country. It provides facilities in more than 8,400+ network hospitals. This reliable company offers an array of superior health insurance policies at affordable price structures, so that people can easily avail these policies. Star Health Insurance has the objective to make health insurance policies available to every part of the population.

How to Calculate Premium of Health Insurance

Premium is the most important and considerable aspect of any insurance plan. However, the calculation of insurance premiums can be a daunting task. The most common scenario is continuing with the amount that the insurance providers ask. Nevertheless, the scenario is changing slowly with the development and advancement of sophisticated online tools. These tools have streamlined the task of premium calculation to a great extent. Thus, policy purchasers can also be familiar with the respective policy in advance.

If you are aware of the estimated amount of medical insurance premium in advance, then you can efficiently and easily plan your finances.

The health insurance premium calculator is the best way to calculate the insurance premium. As a result, you can be aware of the best suitable premium and the ideal health insurance plan.

A number of health insurance policies are suggested by the premium calculators. Therefore, you need to compare those policies and select the most suitable one for you. It will help in fulfilling your requirements along with a suitable amount of insurance premium.

Perhaps you know that the calculation of insurance premium is a very complicated task because multiple parameters determine the premium amount. Therefore, online premium calculators are really helpful and efficient tools in transforming the cumbersome calculator task into a simple one.

Star Health Insurance also offers a sophisticated and advanced online premium calculator to give a clear idea about the future expenses. Star Health Insurance always focuses on the convenience of its customers.

Things You Cannot Miss about Health Insurance

Many factors need to be analysed prior to finalizing a convenient and suitable health insurance policy. However, the most important factors are specified below:

Waiting Period for any Pre-Existing Illness: It is one of the important factors. Pre-existing illness is referred to as any sort of medical condition from which a policyholder is already suffering from (or suffering from its symptoms) while purchasing a medical insurance plan. It will not be covered by a floater medical insurance policy. However, the same will be covered following the specific tenure and the particular time period known as the ‘waiting period’.

Generally, this period for pre-existing illness differs from a time-frame of 2 years to 4 years, since the initiation of the particular policy. You should mandatorily check the ‘waiting period’ prior to making any final decision.

Network Listed Hospitals: It is another important factor to consider. Before purchasing a health insurance plan, you need to check the network listed hospitals attached to it. As per the recommendation, always choose a plan in which network hospitals are located in close proximity of your location. Moreover, the listed hospitals should be prominent, multi-speciality, and authorized.

No Claim Bonus (NCB): NCB is referred to as the value-added benefit that is provided by the respective insurer to the policyholder annually in case he/she has not filed any claim, according to the plan.

Some health insurance policies alleviate No Claim Bonus proportionately, if the claim is filed. On the other hand, some policies won’t affect the accumulated NCB even after claiming a file. It is crucial to check all the terms and conditions linked to the bonus.

Other two considerable factors in this regard are Day Care Procedures and Sub-limit for Room Rent.

The aforementioned factors are essential to consider and analyse. However, it is not a comprehensive list and some other factors like claim processing approach, health insurance premium, claim settlement ratio, and other benefits should also be taken into account.

Star Health Insurance is a reliable and feature-rich health insurance. Don’t forget to consider this top-class insurance plan while researching for insurance plans.