How Warpaint Teeth Whitener Can Combat the Danger of Over Whitening

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If you have yellowing teeth, you may be considering a procedure to get your teeth whitened professionally or thinking of doing it at home using one of the DIY options.

Although whiter teeth can lead to an attractive smile, in the long run, what’s really important is to protect your teeth and the first thing when using whitening products is to use them in moderation because you don’t want to ruin your enamel.

Why Over Whitening Teeth can be Harmful

If you’re using gel whitening strips, only use them every 12 to 18 months and not every three months because these products contain peroxide which can harm your enamel. Check your teeth whitening toothpaste RDA (relative dentin abrasion), in other words, it’s just how abrasive your toothpaste is.

Dentin is one of the four tissues that make up your teeth and to protect the dentin and prevent wearing down of the enamel it is recommended that your tooth whitening toothpaste should have an RDA of 200 or lower.

The lower the RDA, the less abrasive your toothpaste. For example, baking soda has a low RDA of 7 which is not abrasive on the enamel or the dentin. A whitening toothpaste has a higher RDA and if you plan to use them, try to alternate between using those and just a regular lower RDA toothpaste.

As a safety measure, always buy a toothpaste that has fluoride in them because the fluoride will help protect your enamel.

Checking With Your Dentist

Make it a habit to visit your dentist at least once a year, preferably twice a year. Dentists usually take X rays once a year so they can check your gums and enamel. It’s important to have your enamel checked when you get your x-rays. You may see a little white line around your tooth which is how the dentists check to see how healthy your enamel is.

During your checkup, make sure to ask your dentist if the procedures you are using is not harming your teeth.

Why Choose Natural Teeth Whiteners Like Warpaint

Warpaint teeth whitener is a natural teeth whitening formulation which can be used to polish and whiten teeth safely.

Made from 100% natural ingredients which include Activated Charcoal from coconut shells, calcium clay, peppermint, lemon myrtle and sweet orange peel, Warpaint contains no chemicals and with regular use helps in whitening teeth without harming them.

The main ingredient is activated coconut charcoal which is non-abrasive and also passes all food safety requirements.  Activated coconut charcoal has been used in a hospital emergency room to treat patients who overdose on drugs, medication and alcohol. As it is porous, it has excellent absorption properties which allow the charcoal surface to attract and absorb toxins and debris. Brushing teeth with the activated charcoal helps to remove discolouration and stains which leaves the surface of teeth clean and whiter in appearance.

Aside from whitening teeth, Warpaint also detoxifies the mouth and gets rid of bacteria, which is an added benefit.

In the final analysis, home teeth whitening procedures and products have become popular in the last two decades and not much study has been done on how it could impact the health of teeth, so it’s always safer to choose a natural solution.

There are also instances where some people are obsessed with whitening their teeth, without realising that their yellow teeth may be caused due to hereditary reasons.

You may notice older people have yellow teeth and this is because as we age we lose our enamel so the dentin is exposed and the dentin is actually yellow or grey. To a stranger, it appears as if the person does not brush their teeth when the real reason could be that their enamel is damaged or their enamel is just naturally thin.

Eventually, you want to protect your enamel so always be careful to first check with your dentist on the procedure you wish to use and make sure you don’t overdo the process. Even when using natural teeth whitener like Warpaint, the alternative its use with your regular toothpaste to ensure your teeth are protected.