Understand the Causes and Treatments for Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is the most common dental problem among today’s people. Patients show their concerns to the dentist in Barrie Chapnick Dental, but still, they are doubtful regarding the causes and the treatment for the dry mouth. Today, we will share all the information which is beneficial for the persons who are suffering from the dry mouth. So, keep on reading the information below:

What are the various causes of dry mouth?

  • The problem of the dry mouth occurs when the salivary glands present inside the mouth do not produce the desired amount of saliva inside the mouth. This results in the condition of dry mouth.
  • Taking cancer therapy: chemotherapy or radiotherapy are the treatments done to cure cancer. Their one of the side effects is dry mouth as this reduces the production of saliva inside the mouth. This problem, however, gets resolved after the completion of the chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions.
  • Aging: After a certain age, the production of the saliva inside the mouth reduces to some extent. This is either because of unbalanced diet or side effects of taking medications.
  • Taking medicines: Taking excess of medicines can also be the reason for dry mouth. Medicines that are responsible for the dry mouth are antihypertensive etc.

Other health problems that are responsible for the dry mouth:

  • Diabetics
  • Having a yeast infection
  • Having problem-related to stroke
  • Having HIV or AIDS

Problems due to dry mouth:

  • The dental problems like the plague, gum diseases, and tooth decay arise due to dry mouth
  • Mouth sores also get developed due to dry mouth
  • Yeast infection will be developed inside the mouth

Treatments required:

  • Have medicines that will increase the production of saliva inside the mouth and keep the mouth hydrated
  • Start using fluoride trays and make them fitted inside your mouth at night so, that you will not get dry mouth during the night time.
  • Ask your doctor to change all the medicines that cause dry mouth

Tips for controlling the problem of dry mouth

  • Keep yourself hydrated by having plenty of water during the day time.
  • Start chewing sugar-free gums that will induce the production of saliva inside the mouth. This automatically reduces the chances of dry mouth
  • Make a habit of breathing through the nose. If you will breathe through your mouth you will feel dry mouth more often.

At last, if you are visiting your preferred dentist like the dentist in Barrie Chapnick Dental for your regular dental check-up, then you will have the right answer for your problem regarding your dry mouth.