Use of Karl Storz Instruments in Various Medical Surgeries

Karl storz instruments‌ are instruments used for different kinds of categories of surgeries. These instruments are generally used for lower and upper endoscopy processes. Some of the processes for which these instruments are used are as followed-

  • veterinary endoscopy (small and large animals both)
  • Neuro-endoscopy
  • pediatric surgery
  • oral surgery
  • maxillofacial surgery
  • arthroscopy
  • Esophagoscopy
  • Bronchoscopy
  • proctology
  • plastic surgery
  • urology
  • anesthesiology endoscopes
  • gynecology
  • cardiovascular surgery endoscopes
  • laparoscopy
  • thorax surgery
  • gastroenterology

List of certain Karl storz instruments

  • Scalpels- it is a cutting too. These are used in anatomical researches, surgeries. These can be re-usable or single time used.
  • Mirrors (mouth/laryngeal)-these are kind of mirrors which are used in areas of throat or larynx. These are used for applying anesthesia or tissue removal.
  • Probes- these are kinds of rod instruments which are used for detecting the complementary sequences in RNA and DNA.
  • Suction tubes-suction tubes are used for creating suction for creating a path for vomit, saliva, blood or other secretions so that the patient can breathe.
  • Scissors-there are numerous kinds of scissors used in surgeries. Each scissor has different roles to play but the main use is to cut or help in dissection in surgeries.
  • Forceps-forceps are generally used for applying pressures, holding or removal of tissues, or for clamping.
  • Needle holders- it is generally used while stitching a particular wound.
  • Raspatories-it is used for scraping bones.
  • Curettes- used in gynecological procedures.
  • Retractors-use to remove the edges of incisions.
  • Tongue depressors- used to lower tongue for better examination.
  • Mouth gags- used to keep the jaws open for surgeries.
  • Chisels-used in dental surgeries.
  • Osteotomes-used in plastic surgeries and dental procedures.

Thus, these tools are common instruments used in every endoscopic surgery.