Key Factors to Consider While Choosing IVF Center in India

You are already overwhelmed with your inability to conceive a baby naturally. Handling infertility is a stressful thing and working whether to go for IVF is another difficult point to mull over. It is natural to be concerned whether you will be able to handle side effects connected with IVF. Research is necessary because it helps to evaluate competing clinic’s success rates and even treatment options. This can be stressful, as you are aware that time is ticking fast. It is also necessary to choose the right fertility center.

Elawoman covers a comprehensive range of fertility treatments. Male infertility includes the use of ICSI technology, where the embryologist selects a sperm to inject inside the egg instead of depending on natural selection.

Intra uterine insemination is also offered. It is a minimal invasive treatment method, which is undertaken within normal cycle. It involves inserting sperm directly into her womb, when she is most fertile. Full fertility treatment also includes access to frozen or fresh donor eggs and sperms for patients in need of donors to conceive.

Key factors to consider

Treatments offered

In general, IVF technique makes use of drugs to shut the normal menstrual cycle and stimulates ovaries to release more eggs. Around 4 weeks the patients are injected daily. The aim is to increase egg quantity collection prior implantation. Side effects can be menopause like symptoms, nausea, breathe shortness, vomiting and issues in passing urine.

The current technology eggs that are produced naturally in her body get collected after an injection course of only 3 to 4 days. Women with low ovarian reserve or ones who are older can benefit from this treatment as quality of egg is the main aim instead of quantity. There are hardly any side effects associated but results are great. Unlike conventional IVF technique, the treatment timing is short up to 2 weeks rather than 3 to 4 weeks.

Scientific evidences are available stating that embryos got from low stimulation are of high quality. Moreover, due to more stimulation from conventional IVF, the chances of chromosomal abnormalities are high.

Success rate

Ela holds commendable IVF success rate of over 77%. You will see the success rate data on their website. It gives an idea about the transparency, commitment, and trust of the IVF centers.

Waiting time

In India, waiting time is not an issue. You need to be ready. The doctors just work with your menstrual cycle, so treatment can be started close to your next cycle.