Natural Remedies for Nail Fungal Infection You may Like to Try

When you think that you’ve caught a nail fungus, you naturally start thinking what you should do.

Although it’s always better to visit your doctor, you can’t resist the temptation of trying to treat it at home.

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There are various over-the-counter medications available to treat nail fungal infections which you can use.

However, if you believe more in natural therapy, there are a few remedies provided by Mother Nature too.

But you should remember that no enough studies are available regarding the effectiveness of these remedies.

Nevertheless, a good thing about natural medications is that they have less to no serious side effects. So, even if you don’t get rid of your problem, you are at least risk of developing a new problem.

So, if you want to try something at home before choosing a toenail fungus treatment from ModPod Podiatry, here is the information of some of them.

Apple Cider Vinegar

According to the advocates of apple cider vinegar, acetic acid (which is found in several kinds of vinegar) can kill fungi that lead to nail fungal infections.

However, the claim is not supported by scientific research. So, you can try soaking your hands or feet in a mixture of warm water and apple cider vinegar and see if your nail fungus is eliminated.

Essential Oils

Some types of essential oils are believed to treat nail fungus effectively. There are even some studies supporting this belief.

For example, the Tropical Medicine & International Health published a 1999 study which found that tea tree oil can help treat nail fungus.

The study was conducted on 60 onychomycosis patients for 16 weeks wherein a cream composed of 5% tea tree oil was used on some patients, while some patients were treated with a placebo.

At the end of the study, 80% of patients using the medicated cream were cured while none using the placebo was cured.

There is also an earlier study available conducted on 177 people having a toenail fungal infection, wherein it was observed that tea tree oil treated nail fungus as effectively as clotrimazole solution which is a topical antifungal drug.

This study was conducted for 6 months and was published in the Journal of Family Practice.

Even clove oil has been found to fight onychomycosis fungus in laboratory research. However, it may be too early to conclude that clove oil effectively treats nail fungus.

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Things to Remember

Whenever you find any symptoms of nail fungus like changed nail shape, thickened nail, debris caught under the nail or brittleness of nail, it’s always advisable to consult your doctor or podiatrist like the one at Nail fungus can only be supposed to get cured when a new healthy nail grows and replaces the old one. Antifungal medications prescribed by your doctor can help eliminate the fungus.

Prevention is always better than cure. Try to prevent nail fungus by maintaining good foot hygiene, limiting the use of tight and closed footwear, avoiding sharing manicure and pedicure tools and strengthening your immune system.

Before trying the above-given natural remedies, consult your doctor or podiatrist to know potential benefits and risks. Happy nail care!