So What is Stopping You From Using A Mosquito Net? Just Get Over It, Now

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Some of the most threatening health epidemics that plague India every year are caused by mosquito bites. Every year, government takes various measures to reduce mosquitoes. Medical institutes spend fortunes over taking out vaccinations that can save people from the fatal viruses that are afflicted by mosquito bite. Needless to say mosquito repellent products have become one of the most basic household necessities in India. However, one product that is gradually moving out of the people’s memory especially if they are urban bred, is the humble and traditional mosquito net.

The death toll cause by mosquito- borne diseases reflect and obscene number. And the most heart breaking part of it is that 86 percent of the deaths caused by mosquito-borne diseases are of children. In most of the urban households you are most likely to every kind of mosquito repellent sprays, creams or even roll-ons. But using mosquito net is not a prevalent practice in most of the urban household. However, unarguably, the one and only full proof way to avoid any kind of viral infection caused by mosquito bite is to use a mosquito net. Hence let’s spread some words of wisdom to bring home the point that choosing a mosquito net is a non-negotiable decision that every household has to agree to.

Ruling Out the Mind Blocks towards a Mosquito Net

The biggest dilemma that stops an urban bred to pick a mosquito net is that they feel that it is a rustic element that may not suit the décor of their swanky bedrooms. This is mostly because, the first picture that comes to our mind when we say mosquito net is the polyester nets with a strip of cotton stitched at the base that are usually hung on traditional poster beds. Of course, it does not have any style quotient to it.

Mostly people don’t understand how to put it on the modern beds with leather padded head boards. Or else you need to drill in some hook damaging your beautiful wall paper. Hang it every night before going to bed and fold it every morning. Well quiet cumbersome a routine – feels the urban youth who are so hard pressed for time for any sustainable and environment friendly lifestyle change.

The next argument is that we can’t be in a mosquito net when we are up and about throughout the day. Then what difference does it make. When we can apply mosquito repellent during the day time, we can follow the same regime for the night as well. Well, absolutely true. But the effect of a mosquito repellent cream roll-on or spray can wear out within two to three hours. And when we are in bed at night, it is a long seven to eight hours stretch and you are obviously not going to wake up in the middle of the night to reapply the cream. Moreover, mosquitoes have the best time in the darkness. In this case, if you are inside the net, you are completely secured.   

How to Choose the Right Mosquito Net

Mosquito net is the best protective covering from mosquito bite at night. However, a few things need to be kept in mind while buying the perfect mosquito net. The first and the foremost point – check the fabric. The two predominant fabrics that are used for mosquito net include polyester and cotton. It has been noticed over the years that polyester nets are better in terms of air circulation that cotton ones. Make sure the fabric is soft as well as durable. Mosquito net suppliers in India source them from the best mosquito net manufacturers in India to provide the best quality to the customers.

These days a lot of medicated and insecticide-treated mosquito nets (ITNs). These are particularly functional in case of kids who have a tendency to roll to the side of the beds. Mosquitoes sit on the net in search of a scope when any body part touches the net and they can attack them. ITNs are best in this regards because the strong medication are said to be effective till three years even after repeated washes.