Prepare IVF: Good organisation in advance

To minimise the stress for you, try in advance to consider how you can combine your everyday life with visits to the fertility centre. Preparing for an IVF also means thinking about the journeys you should make during fertility treatment. If possible, choose a fertility centre near you. Because short distances to the fertility centre are worth gold and facilitate the entire natural cycle IVF treatment. Many appointments such as blood sampling or ultrasound do not last long. And by a short journey, you increase the chance to integrate the IVF better into your everyday life. Please contact your doctor in the fertility centre.

Get to know the timing of your IVF treatment

Before you start your treatment, talk to your Fertility Center on the upcoming appointments and let you issue an appointment book. The timing of some of these appointments depends on your treatment protocol, your cycle and your diagnosis. Your doctor can describe a timetable and tell you in which time window which and how many appointments will be scheduled. However, check exactly what your criteria for the selection of your treating fertility centre are because a short journey can save you a lot of stress and pressure. If you have opted for a distant childhood fertility centre, it is often possible to have some of the examinations performed by your gynaecologist on site.

Get a medication plan

Many fertility centres provide their patients with a precise, low-cost IVF plan on which days which drug must be used. If this is not the case with you, ask your fertility centre for such a project. Because you and your health insurance pay a lot of money for your treatment and therefore this assistance should be possible without any problems. If you still do not receive a calendar, create yourself or use a schedule that you already have in use.

Conclusion: Get some rest

Preparing to prepare IVF also means thinking in advance of stress and strain. An IVF is very exhausting and tiring. Please delete all unnecessary obligations and events from your calendar for the time of your IVF. Unfortunately, you should know only too well that rarely anything unpleasant can just be deleted. Therefore, give yourself extra time for specific activities and generously calculate the times for visits to the Fertility Center. It is not pleasant to be under constant pressure.