Teens And Contact Lenses: What Parents Need To Know

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It is common today to see teens wearing contact lenses due to an impaired vision which could be caused by environmental factors or genetically acquired. Parents need to get themselves acquainted with some useful information before getting a contact lens for their teenage child. Some frequently asked questions about lenses and expert advice are given below.

#1: Is there an age limit for wearing contact lenses?

No actually. It can be used by any age group even babies. The most important factor is how responsible is the user. Contact lenses require great care and many eye care practitioners recommend it to teens from age 11 and above. Eye care practitioners must decide with parents and the teen child on how to ensure a proper use of this artificial device.

#2: Would eyeglasses work similarly?

The reason why contact lenses are regularly recommended is that it promotes the self-esteem of a teenage child. Many kids feel too shy to put on eyeglasses as they often feel different and unaccepted by their peers. Contact lenses can hardly be noticed and you do not have to be worried about it falling off while engaging in sport or other physical exercises.

#3: How do I take care of contact lenses?

Depending on the type of contact lens in use, you may not need a cleaning regimen. For example, daily disposable contacts such as clariti 1 only require you to remove them at the end of each day without any form of cleaning for replacement. This is the option largely recommended for teens especially the care-free types. However, much care is needed for lenses that would be re-used after each day. It has been recorded by many eye care practitioners that teenagers are careful and become more casual about lens cleaning than the adults, especially after prolonged usage.

#4: Can you get contacts without any prescription?

It is lawful to purchase contacts based on a prescription by an eye care practitioner in terms of size, shape, power, and brand of lenses. This is because contact lenses are categorized as medical devices and serious care is needed for their use to avoid serious health issues. The fittings of the lens must be appropriate for your eye even when they are intended for color correction or some other specialized functions.

#5: Are contact lenses cheaper or more expensive than glasses?

The cost or price of contact lenses varies depending on many factors including how often the lenses are replaced, the brand or the specification. The cleaning supplies and the contact lens storage case also contribute to the price variation. So to get a lens you can afford, you can contact some stores like Alain Assedo Opticien for the best lens and at a very competitive price.