Here are some of the best CBD vape oils and oral drops in the market

Cannabidiol (CBD) is increasingly becoming popular, and it’s not only because of the countless benefits of the miracle compound. Industry leaders who continue to provide the general public with an extensive selection of products derived from the cannabis compound are also partly to thank for its growth. CBD oils now come in various forms including edibles, crystal dabs, and tinctures. Some of the most popular ways to enjoy them though are through vape liquids and oral drops.

Vaping has been a great alternative to smoking for quite a while now. According to a report by the CDC, there are nine million vape users in the United States alone as of 2016, and that number is expected to grow even further. Seeing the opportunity at hand, CBD leaders have created ways to fuse the best of both worlds and the end product is something vape and CBD users can’t pass up on.

On the other hand, CBD drops are different in a sense that they can be taken directly orally. Alternatively, it can be added to drinks. It is easier to use compared to vape liquids, however, it takes longer for the person to benefit from the effects of the compound. Vapor will flow directly into the bloodstream, says Healthy Living Benefits, so the users are able to get the most out of the compound at a faster rate.

There are already a few proven medical benefits of CBD, according to Dr. Axe. It is known to relieve pain and inflammation, it reduces anxiety, and it also helps fight cancer, just to name a few.

Many industry leaders are producing top-of-the-line vape liquids and oral drops now, but here are a few that are a cut above the rest.

Green Roads

Green Roads CBD products are known to be fast acting. The company has an extensive inventory that includes creams, pet food, and capsules infused with CBD. Their best seller keeps it simple though. Green Roads CBD Oil can be used as additives to liquids, and they can be used as oral drops as well. This product line is pharmacist-formulated, making it ideal for those who are health conscious.

Made By Hemp

Made By Hemp guarantees that their products contain only the legal amount of THC, and the rest of their items are made of pure CBD only. Some of the company’s best sellers are its concentrated best CBD vape oils that are all natural and pure. Aside from selling CBD vape kits and vape pens, the Made By Hemp also offers pre-packaged vape shots. This product is very easy to use as the customer will only need to attach it to his vape pen.

Diamond CBD

PotNetwork Holding, Inc.’s (OTCMKTS:POTN) subsidiary, Diamond CBD, is known for its extensive selection of hemp-derived CBD products that include vape liquids and oral drops.

Like its other CBD offerings, Diamond CBD’s vape liquids are 100 percent natural and safe even for topical use. To make things even more interesting, the company is offering their customers a few flavors to choose from. They can pick from watermelon, strawberry and jungle juice. These flavorings are all-organic, and the company stays true to its practice of not adding any unnatural ingredients to its products.

If vaping is not a part of a customer’s daily routine, then they can choose from the company’s oral drops too. Diamond CBD’s Extreme Drops are described to have a smooth texture and a natural hemp taste, making it easy on the mouth and tongue. Two or three drops of this a day can give a user his dosage of CBD easily.

These CBD vape liquids and oral drops are just some of the products the top producers have to offer. The customers have their work cut out for them and all they should do now is to see which of the industry leaders are offering the purest vape liquid and oral drops infused with CBD.