Are you buying the right brand of condom?

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Condoms come in different sizes and materials, and finding the right one is a matter of trial and error. But when you get the perfect one – ah, the pleasure!

It is a well-known fact that you are supposed to wear condoms during sex. It is one of the most reliable birth control methods out there. It is also one of the easiest birth control methods as well as an effective and cheap way to prevent the spread of STDs among partners.

So, are you certain that you are using the right one, from the best condom brand in India?

How to pick the right condom brand in India

* Check the material it is made of. Most men prefer latex condoms because they can be really thin and they are stretchier and more durable than other types. Latex condoms are also easily available everywhere, from pharmacies to e-commerce stores. But apart from the base material, also check for other specs: is it lubed on the outside, for instance. If it is, then check to see if the lube will not cause yeast infections in your partner. Next, check if the condom is securely packed and easy to remove even in a hurry such that you don’t end up tearing it.

* Look for leading brands only. Only leading condom brands in India adhere to the highest standards of quality, manufacturing and safety. Condoms are the most used and preferred form of birth control, and they must be manufactured such that they are safe to use, without the tiniest perforation or unevenness in texture. A condom that is likely to tear, slip or burst during sex cannot prevent pregnancies or the spread of STDs.

* Check for availability. You may have finally found the right condom brand in India, with the perfect fit and the right kind of texture that heightens pleasure for you during sex. But what is the point if the condom is available only in select pharmacies or in an online store? Condoms should be available at most places – what if you have to do an urgent midnight run and can’t find the condom you normally use anywhere?

* Check for the right fit. The right fitting condom will hug your penis like a glove, not sit tightly on it or move round and round. A condom that is too tight can constrict the blood flow to the penis, and make you uncomfortable. It can also tear with friction, thus nullifying any of the good work it is supposed to do. Meanwhile, a loose condom will most certainly slip off during sex, or spill your ejaculate inside your partner before you can do anything about it. Finding a condom that fits is all about trial and error, but you’ll find the right one eventually.