Ayurveda – Ancient Science of Self-Healing

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Said to have originated in India between 5,000-10,000 years ago, Ayurveda – the traditional medical system – is widely considered to be the oldest form of healthcare in the world.

This ancient science of healing is also said to have influenced other systems of medicine like the ancient Chinese system of medicine, the humoral medicine practiced by Hippocrates in Greece and Unani medicine.

Origins of Ayurveda

The first references to this science can be found in the Vedas – the ancient Indian scriptures of knowledge. Dating back to 2500 BC or earlier, these sacred texts have preserved the knowledge of Ayurveda through the centuries.

However much of the present clinical practices are based on later works, most notably the Caraka Samhita (1500BC), Ashtang Hrdyam (500 AD) and the Sushrut Samhita (400AD).

Basic Principles of Ayurveda

As per ancient Ayurveda scriptures, which can still be found across the best ashrams in India, all diseases are the direct result of living out of sync with nature.

Ayurveda’s approach to healing is based purely on reestablishing the harmony between our body and the environment. Once this purpose is achieved the body no longer needs to exhibit symptoms of discomfort and repairs itself from within.

Interestingly enough, yoga – the globally renowned Indian science of achieving a state of perfect harmony is also based on similar principles, followed by some of the best yoga ashrams in India and outside.

In Conclusion

Unlike modern medicine, Ayurveda approach to healing is not symptomatic and is based on healing thee person from within. It’s also one of the core principles followed at the Ayuryoga Eco Ashram India one of India’s best known yoga and Ayurveda retreat ashrams.

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