Ten Widespread Misconceptions About CrossFit Los Angeles


There are literally hundreds of articles on the internet talking about just how CrossFit is the devil’s spawn. But then, as with all good things, CrossFit exercises have numerous myths and misconceptions that have tainted how people perceive it. There are currently thousands of places that you can start CrossFit classes. If you have been going for CrossFit Los Angeles sessions then you must have heard a few stories about CrossFit.

You have probably heard a lot of scary stories about people trying CrossFit getting hurt, the effects it comes with, plus its other many expenses. All these stories are enough to make you think twice about trying out CrossFit yourself.

Nobody has all the answers to what is right about CrossFit exercises. Nor does anyone have the means to get all the right information about the subject and debunk all the myths and misconceptions surrounding it. That said, here are some widespread myths and misconceptions about CrossFit exercises that might interest you.

  • Only people in super amazing shape should try CrossFit

Often, you hear people saying they do not have the body or shape to lift any CrossFit weights. However, you find that what most people fail to grasp is that CrossFit is a very scalable exercise. Safe to say that even the people you see on TV doing all kinds of CrossFit exercise cannot do all the exercises perfectly

Not to mention, even those people with physical limitation can participate in CrossFit exercises. The only precaution you must take is to know your scaling options. This is also a great way of ensuring your safety as you do the CrossFit exercises. It is always wise to talk to your personal coach about your scaling options even as you look for the right gym.

  • Anyone can do CrossFit exercises

Okay, so this point may somehow look to contradict the first point. But it actually isn’t. CrossFit is perfect for the people who used to hit the gym back them. CrossFit workouts are usually already set. So, you do not have to linger about thinking about which workouts to do each day. If you are not the type who stare at weights now and then or do little steps here and there, then CrossFit is not your thing. Thus, the say, not for everyone. So, whoever told you that you could try CrossFit exercises no matter your health condition, current fitness, height, size, etc. lied. If you have never tried any kind of professional or technical exercises at the gym, then don’t be fooled or duped into trying CrossFit. That will basically be like attempting suicide.

  • The CrossFit instructors are vetted and fully qualified for the job

It might be high time you knew that becoming a professional CrossFit instructor can take only a few days to complete. You do not even need any prior fitness experience or credentials to hit the gyms days later a fully qualified professional ready to teach some CrossFit lesson.

So, to ensure your safety when trying CrossFit exercises, you should look for an instructor with additional qualifications like certificates from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. CrossFit credentials are a bonus and help to ensure both you and the instructor’s safety even as you progress the movements.

  • Women bulk up when doing CrossFit exercises

From time to time, you will hear people saying that the women who try CrossFit exercises bulk up instead of getting toned. Here, you, first, want to get all the information about muscle toning as you can get. So, you know to what point exactly do you want to get your body. After finding the right CrossFit exercises and the amount of time you have to do them each day, ensure you stick to it. It is, however, critical to note that CrossFit is not like bodybuilding. It does, however, get you strong like with every other program. The transformation process of your body takes a lot of time. And in some instances, you may look to bulk up when in a real sense, you are only adding to your weight and toning up.

  • CrossFit is a cult

It may seem like CrossFit is a form of cult. Especially after viewing its many cult-like activities. CrossFit, for example, seems to have its own vernacular. Not to mention that the CrossFit members tend to look down and demean other forms of exercises even though it seems to put them in danger. However, if you take your time and widen your knowledge on this form of exercise and what it is all about, you will have a different opinion.

  • It is insanely dangerous

Another critical reason why most people do not try CrossFit exercises is that they can be insanely dangerous. And it gets even more dangerous if you have no idea how to do the CrossFit workouts. That is why you will always find people doing into surgeries or seeking other forms of medical attention after a CrossFit workout gone wrong. However, you can avoid all this by knowing your scalability, and when to shift to a better, less dangerous CrossFit work out that suits you. Do not over exert yourself hoping to make the most of these workouts as fast as possible. You might only end up in the intensive care unit.

  • You will get Rhabdo and/or vomit

Rhabdomyolysis is a dangerous condition where your muscle tissues become damaged. This then results in the leakage of substances from these damaged muscles into the blood, and these substances can cause kidney injury. In some instances, vomiting can also occur. However, if you listen to your body telling you to stop, then you will not get to this point. Rhabdo is, however, very real and will happen to you if you do not take care when working out.

  • You will have to start taking a paleo diet

Absolutely not true! When it comes to nutrition, no one makes you do anything. In fact, you can skip or take any kinds of meals you want while taking CrossFit workouts. If anything, CrossFit workouts can help show you the importance of food and the many nutritional options you can take. But the truth stays that you can eat whatever you want even when having CrossFit workouts.

  • Only CrossFitters sit or lift together

Whoever came up with this bogus story was neither a CrossFitter nor an athlete. In fact, many non-athletes can also take part in CrossFit games and movements with the CrossFitters. And everything will still work out smoothly. Even Rick Ross, a renown Hip Hop artist, has gotten into the movement.

  • CrossFit is expensive

Not true. The cost of joining a new CrossFit box or workout varies throughout the country. It also depends on the frequency with which you visit and use it. However, on average, you find that CrossFitters can spend anything between $100 and $200 each month.

Final thoughts

The points mentioned above do not suggest that CrossFit workouts are perfect or that they do not have any flaws. But they explain the dark side of this modern form of workouts that are not true and only ends up tainting what CrossFit workouts are about.