Glutathione Supplements are the Best for Skin Lightening!

The most potent antioxidant present in the human body and known to us is Glutathione. It has gained much traction as a skin whitening compound used in treatments for getting lighter skin tone.

Therapists tropically administer the compound in the form of supplements, injections, soaps and whitening creams. Use of all these forms has borne significant results, thus establishing the compound’s dominance in the beauty and wellness industry and among users.

Since the antioxidant is naturally produced in human cells, an administration of intravenous dosage or supplemental pills does not bear any adverse effect, unlike any other whitening treatment or therapy. Thus, it is the most chosen whitening treatment.

It’s efficacy for skin whitening

A study conducted by NCBI proves the effect of Glutathione supplements on skin whitening. As per the research conducted, it was found that people who were administered with these supplements and intravenous injections showed a significant increase in their fairness within a 4-week duration.

How does Glutathione work to lighten your skin?

Glutathione supplements work in two ways – by blocking melanin from releasing to the skin and by stopping its production. Melanin is a compound that brings pigmentation to your skin.

  1. By blocking melanin formation – Glutathione binds with Tyrosinase to block the pathway of enzymes and to stop the formation of melanin. Thus, it prevents the skin from darkening any further.
  2. By halting the production of Tyrosinase – The antioxidant property of Glutathione helps it cut down or neutralise the free radicals present in the bloodstream. These free radicals are responsible for activation of Tyrosinase, which enacts with enzymes to form melanin, thus darkening your skin.

The same process occurs when you apply whitening creams or lotions on your body. So, Glutathione effectively cuts down your skin pigmentation and makes you fairer.

Glutathione and its relation to skin health

Numerous companies make Glutathione supplements to cater to the high demand for the skin whitening solutions. However, when buying, make sure your pills have compounds like L-Glutathione, Acetyl Glutathione, Liposomal Glutathione, etc. in it. These compounds are hugely beneficial in enhancing your skin complexion and improving skin quality and health. Their natural affinity to human body adaptation makes sure your skin receives the best results while facing the least resistance or harm.

Being the most potent antioxidant in a human cell, Glutathione helps in removing many harmful and toxic substances from the human body, like free radicals, heavy metals, etc. Thus, taking Glutathione supplements helps your body detoxify which reduces the chances of cell damage. This helps to keep your skin smooth and youthful.

It also helps reduce age spots, thus removing any sign of ageing. The same works for removing, wrinkles, marks, dark spots, etc. anywhere on your body.

Some last minute thought!

Researchers have already proved that these supplements have a significant effect on skin whitening. However, they work slowly to cleanse your skin and make it lighter from within. So, give it time. Do not expect an overnight wonder. Take these supplements or apply the creams regularly to get the best result.