Ways To Keep Synthetic Urine Warm For Drug Testing

Almost all of us have taken a drug test at one point in our lives, for example in school or at workplace. And as much as some of these tests may seem as an invasion of privacy, you often have no option but to take them. Urinalysis is the most popular drug test in the United States: over 90% of employers require it during hiring. And for this reason, synthetic urine has grown in popularity as the method to pass it.

What’s synthetic urine?

It’s an artificially synthesized substance that replicates the composition, chemical properties, smell and appearance of human urine. Many people use it to substitute sample in a drug test when they want to avoid unpleasant results.

Why should synthetic urine be warm?

Simply because it’s meant to imitate the real urine, which has a human body temperature that ranges between 96°F (36°C) – 99°F (37°C).  And it’s usually the first thing the lab technicians look at during the screening.

Here are 4 ways to keep synthetic urine warm for drug testing:

  • Get the synthetic urine kit that has heat activator

The most trusted brands of these kits usually come with a heat activating powder that heats up the urine sample in seconds. All you need to do is carefully read and follow the instructions.

  • Use your body heat

Your normal body temperature should be around 37°C. Therefore with enough time, you can warm the urine sample by first sealing it in a plastic bag then place it in the warmest part of your body. This could be around your inner thigh, preferably around the crotch. Women can also place it inside the bra. A fair advice here: wear more fitting briefs to avoid the sample from slipping off.

  • Use hand warmers

These are small packets that are intended to produce heat on demand and are so easily available. Get warmers that will produce heat for a long period to prevent them from going cold before you take the test. You just need to seal the urine sample in a plastic bag and wrap the hand warmers around it. You may secure it with a rubber band.

  • Warm it in the microwave

Of all the methods you may pick to warm the synthetic urine, this is the trickiest. Too much heat can destroy the sample therefore do not put it in the microwave for more than 10 seconds. That said it’s by far the easiest and fastest method. Just place the container with the fake pee in the microwave for ten seconds. That’s it.

It is important to make sure that the temperature of your sample is within the normal body temperature range, irrespective of the warming method that you use. Most trusted brands of synthetic urine packs come with a temperature strip. Use it to measure the temperature. However, if it lacks the strip, you can buy it from a local pharmacy. You can also reheat the synthetic urine sample in case it goes cold again. And always follow all the manufacturer’s instructions.