What Is The Best Home Water Filter Under $400?

Everyone ones to drink clean at a reasonable and affordable price. It’s also no surprise that there is a general problem with tap water everywhere. This is because municipal water has been filled with a lot of contaminants and harmful pathogens which can affect the health of drinkers negatively.

So a lot of people have resulted in water filters than drinking these filthy and contaminated water. The best forms of water filter are one that can be used in the home and can also be transported from one place to another easily. So when getting a home filter, these are things you should look out for.

If you want a quality filter that is just under $400, we have made a list of 3 of the best home water filters you need in your house.

  1. The Berkey Water Filter System.

This comes number one of the list for a lot of reasons. One is it acts as a filter as well as a purifier. They are also durable and easy to maintain. This filter is portable and comes in different sizes, giving you one for your home and one when camping.

If you feel the flow rate has decreased, all you have to do is brush the Black Berkey purification elements using a scrub pad and put under running water. When this is done, you simply reinstall. One of the major advantages of this Filter is that it lasts up to 3,000 gallons. In a case where you use two or four filters, it can last 6,000 to 12,000 gallons significantly. You can check when it has stopped working by performing a food coloring test once or twice in 2-3 months. Passing food coloring should come out clearly if it is still functioning.

This filter also comes with an arsenic and fluoride filters option as it makes use of Activated Alumina which is the most effective way of removing these compounds for drinking water. It doesn’t need electricity to function and can just be placed on top of the counter to fetch and purify tap water without having to bore holes into your expensive kitchen countertops.

This filter can be gotten at

  1. Pelican Pro 6-Stage RO

This is an under the counter filter that can also be gotten under $400. It is also an effective war to get clean and contaminants free water to drink, cook and go about other household activities.

Since it stays under the counter, you do not have to worry about space and you do not have to see it as often. This particular water filter system can remove as much as 50 contaminants in the water that comes out of your home tap. It usually makes use of 6 stages to complete its filtration system and provides you with the best water quality you can ask for. A bonus is that it comes with a one year warranty.

  1. Kenmore Reverse Osmosis System

This is also a cheap filter system for you and it has a lot of interesting features to make it worth every penny. Firstly, it is a very effective and efficient water filtering system is which gets rid of contaminants in the tap and makes it safer to drink and cook with.

The Kenmore Reverse Osmosis System Makes use of one of the best ways of filtering water other than activated alumina and distillation which is Reverse Osmosis. It uses this method in filtering water just as the name implies It can also eliminate a total of 25 different types of contaminants as well as reducing the amount of chlorine present in water. This gives it a better taste and a better spell.

This filter comes with an interesting feature which alerts you when you need to change filters and that way you are saved on the time from guess working.


These filters are effective ways to get good water in the home and they are cost-efficient as well. That way you do not have to break the bank and can stay healthy and free from harmful pathogens that are dangerous to the health.

There are so many filters under $400 but these are our top 3 which give you the best services for your money and even more.