What Qualifications Do You Need to Move Into a Nursing Home?

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The question as to whether there are qualifications to move into a nursing home or assisted living facility is a common one, but not always an easy to answer.

The simple truth of the matter is that there is a vast difference between assisted living facilities and traditional nursing homes. Here are a few differences to help you decide when each one is appropriate in caring for your loved one.

Qualification #1: Is a Wheelchair or Other Special Equipment Required for Mobility?

In this situation, the qualification could go either way. Some specialty assisted care facilities have the staff and space to accommodate residents who use a wheelchair daily. However, most nursing homes are better equipped for those with mobility issues—especially if there are other related medical conditions.

Qualification #2: Does Your Loved One Have a Severe Cognitive Impairment?

A nursing home might be a better option if your loved one has a severe cognitive impairment. Many facilities hire medical staff designated for memory care and dementia patients, where assisted living facilities often focus on just helping residents with everyday tasks.

Qualification #3: Are There Other Serious Medical Conditions?

Another thing to consider is other medical conditions your loved one might have. Of course, situations are always reviewed on a case by case basis but assisted living facilities are often just that—a place for seniors and other individuals to receive additional help with day-to-day life. Nursing homes usually provide greater access to specified medical staff on a constant basis for those with more serious diagnoses.

It is important to remember that each assisted living center or nursing home is different. In short, it is usually best to ask the facility directly if their center may accommodate your loved one’s specific needs.

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