Why Use Marijuana as Medicine?

Before voters took to the polls and approved Proposition 64, legalizing recreational marijuana in the state of California, there had long been medical dispensaries in the state. These dispensaries required a medical card and were allowed by law because marijuana was said to have many great medicinal benefits. Medical marijuana in California is a billion dollar industry and while millions of people flocked to them to get help with their various ailments, many still doubted that cannabis had any medical benefits at all.

While many people have claimed marijuana’s medical benefits for a long time, we’re now getting more and more data that backs up these claim. The two main cannabinoids in the marijuana plant are THC and CBD. THC is responsible for the “high” feeling. It has been shown to increase appetite and reduce nausea which has made it a popular treatment for chemotherapy induced nausea. It has also been shown to decrease pain, inflammation and problems with control of muscles. The other main cannabinoid found in marijuana is CBD. CBD will not give the user the traditional “high” feeling, perhaps because of that it has become a very popular medicine. It has been used to reduce epileptic seizures, pain, swelling and even to treat mental illnesses.

In many cases, medical marijuana is safer than name brand prescriptions because it doesn’t have a host of possible negative side effects associated with it. Unlike some name brand prescriptions, THC and CBD have rarely if ever been found to cause a lethal overdose. Medical marijuana is not physically addicting nor do you necessarily have to “get high” to reap the benefits. Studies have even shown that medical marijuana can even actually help restore cognitive performance.

The key to using marijuana as a medicine is to find a good medical dispensary. A good medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles should have the best medical marijuana strains available to treat your specific ailment be it insomnia, anxiety, Parkinson’s or epilepsy. It is important that there be informative representatives available to assist you in selecting from a wide array of strains. Many strains have been engineered to treat specific medical conditions.  If you go to a Proposition 64 friendly dispensary like Sun Valley Caregivers  you won’t even have to get a medicinal card. Hopefully, this will help you consider trying medical marijuana as a safe treatment for your illness.