Wisdom Teeth Removal – Why Prevention Is Better Than Waiting for the Problem to Occur

Everyone of one wants to have a perfect smile. However fear of pain during dental procedures to correct our smile stops us from getting one. Still, when it comes to an impacted wisdom tooth, always preventive treatment is better than waiting for a problem to occur. None of us can predict when our impacted tooth may cause swelling, infection, pain or irreversible damage to the adjacent teeth. When your dentist finds you have an impacted wisdom tooth, he will suggest wisdom teeth removal Sydney as early as possible. Choosing to have your impacted wisdom teeth removed by a surgical procedure can help avoid so many problems!

Why cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney should be done at an early stage?

Wisdom tooth which is left to wait and see approach will often become harder to remove and may also result in slow and more painful healing. There are also greater chances of complications from surgery such as permanent injuries to the nerve that run below the gums.

Wisdom teeth which look like they might grow impacted should be removed between the ages 16 and 18. These teeth at this stage are partially developed and also the jawbone that encases the wisdom teeth will be much soft making the removal procedure easier.

Fully impacted wisdom teeth that are usually buried deep inside the jawbone. Its roots wrap around major nerves and Anatomical structures. Removing such teeth requires a delicate procedure ensuring the teeth and the surrounding nerves are not injured.

Surgically removed wisdom teeth may leave behind empty areas of bone within the jaw that increase risks of fracture. To avoid all these risks which may require a more intensive procedure, later on, dentists suggest wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney which is affordable at an early stage. A wisdom tooth that is neglected may result in the following conditions:

Permanent damage to the adjacent structures:

Impacted wisdom teeth are pushed up so tightly against the second molars adjacent to them which may make a space that cannot be kept free of food debris and bacteria. These can cause chronic inflammation in the areas between the teeth leading to decay and gum disease which can damage both the teeth permanently.

Increased risk of fracture to the jawbone:

Wisdom teeth usually occupy the area in the jawline that are usually filled with dense jaw bone. Impacted wisdom teeth can increase the risk of fracture to the angles of the jaw. This reduced volume of bone caused by the wisdom teeth can substantially weaken the jaw.

This is why it is wise to get wisdom teeth removal Sydney at a much earlier age or when suggested by the dentist.

Increased risk of complications:

Fully grown impacted wisdom teeth are more complicated to remove than the ones that are partially formed. When impacted wisdom teeth grow fully with its roots intervening with major nerves, or resulting in a weak jawbone, the patient would require a more intense procedure including bone grafting to restructure the strength of the jaw.