Adults can get tonsillitis as well

Although Tonsillitis is mostly found among children and teenagers, it can affect adults as well. The tonsils are tiny organs placed at the back of our throat and act as a protective layer over our lungs and respiratory system. In the darker ages, this organ was considered to be of no effective use.

The tonsils help filter out bacteria and virus and prevent foreign bodies from causing harm to the lungs. Tonsils also help in white blood cell production. They act as the first point of defense for the respiratory system.

Just like children, adults find tonsillitis to be equally frustrating and painful.

Symptoms of Tonsillitis in adults

The signs and symptoms of tonsillitis in adults are akin to that of children. Common symptoms may include –

·         Throat feels sore

·         Difficulty and pain when swallowing food

·         Swollen/ red tonsils

·         A patch of yellow or white on the tonsils

·         Swollen lymph nodes in the neck region

·         Muffled voice

·         Pain in the ear

·         Fever

·         Headache

·         Pain in the stomach

·         Frequent coughing

·         Neck feeling stiff

What are the prime reasons behind adult tonsillitis?

Both bacteria and viruses are to be blamed for tonsillitis in adults.

Some common viruses that cause tonsillitis include –

·         The influenza virus

·         Viruses that cause the common cold

·         The herpes simplex virus

·         Cytomegalovirus

·         Epstein-Barr virus

·         The measles virus

Tonsillitis caused by bacteria owns up to 15-30% of adult tonsillitis cases. The type of Bacteria that is responsible for strep throat is usually the culprit in most cases.

It is important to note that tonsillitis itself is not a contagious disease but the germs that cause it definitely are.

How can tonsillitis be treated?

You can reduce the symptoms associated with tonsillitis by making a couple of lifestyle changes. Some suggestions of tonsillitis cure include –

·         Getting enough sleep and rest

·         Always staying hydrated and drinking enough water daily

·         Gargling with salt water

·         Drinking or consuming cool or warm eatables


Homeopathy hosts a multitude of solutions when it comes to treatment for Tonsillitis. The homeopathic approach focuses on fortifying the weakened immune system so the body will be well equipped to fight off the disease on its own. Homeopathic medicines help alleviate the symptoms associated with tonsillitis as well.

Dr Batra’s clinic is well known for its homeopathic treatment of tonsillitis. The course of action taken is natural and free of side effects.