How to Prevent Injuries During Hiking – 6 Tips to Follow

Hiking is an activity that is both fun and rewarding. People could get closer to nature while working out their body. Hiking is a form of physical exercise that provides several benefits of physical and mental health. Just like other kinds of physical exercise, hiking also comes with certain risks and if not prepared enough for it, you might be susceptible to injuries. Here are 6 hiking tips from the experts of physiotherapy in Perth that will prevent any possible injuries:

Purchase the Right Footwear:

Hiking typically involves moving through a terrain filled with hidden rocks and sticks as well as slippery routes, all of which increase the chances of sudden slips. This could lead to an ankle sprain, which would be painful for a few days. This is why it is suggested that you purchase some high-quality hiking boots that provides a good grip.

Prepare for Possible Chafing:

Chafing refers to the friction between two body parts, and is common between the thighs and under the arms. This mostly occurs when someone takes up an activity for the first time. This is preventable with the use of a synthetic active underwear. The garment would take away the moisture, thus preventing the problem.

Prevent Blisters:

Blisters on foot is another common problem that is not just uncomfortable, but also prevents you from involving in physical activity of any kind. According to Perth physiotherapy experts, getting the right kind of running shoes and a pair of high quality socks will help avoid blisters. Blisters are caused due to friction on the skin. Use socks that are tight fitting and effectively absorbs moisture from the skin. Blisters could also appear on hands if you are using hiking poles. Hold them tightly only when it’s absolutely necessary for support.

Avoid Cramping:

Muscle cramps is usually caused due to dehydration. Hence, don’t forget to pack sufficient amount of water or a sports drink that helps you keep hydrated. If you regularly face muscle cramping, Perth physiotherapy experts suggest doing stretching exercises before you begin hiking.

Prevent Sunburn:

Exposure to sunlight depends on the area you are at. See how much sunlight exposure does the place get. Having a sunscreen could help prevent sunburn, as you would be spending hours under the sunlight.

Prevent Plantar Fasciitis:

Plantar Fasciitis refers to the inflammation of the ligament area connecting the heels to toes. This is caused due to the continuous expansion and contraction of the said area. Plantar Fasciitis could be easily prevented with the use of the right footwear providing proper arch support. Doing some stretches will also be helpful.

Hiking is indeed a great physical activity that helps you stay fit and active. By following the aforementioned tips, you could prevent any possible injuries and make the experience even more delightful. For more assistance, get in touch with a physio in Perth today.