Spit-Back When Vaping and How to Stop It

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Both vaping experts and beginners expect to enjoy every puff they take. Those who switch from cigarette smoking are promised a spectacular experience, and they anticipate nothing less. However, vaping has its challenges as well.

If you have not encountered spit-back when vaping so far, then you are very lucky. Some vapers face this issue and are not sure how to address it. There is nothing to worry about because spit-back can be stopped as will be highlighted below. First things first, let us understand what spit-back is in vaping parlance.

What Is Spit-Back When Vaping?

If you are enjoying your vape device and you realize that there is hot liquid getting into your mouth, then this is spit-back. When the coils overheat and only a small amount of e-juice is coming into contact with them, spit-back will occur. The e-juice is then splashed in all directions. This is how some hot liquid reaches your mouth.

Most people are scared of consuming raw nicotine and exposing their bodies to something unhealthy. However, research by medical experts has refuted these allegations by claiming that nicotine in such a small amount will not cause any harm to the body. However, if spit-back is occurring continuously, then there is a reason to be concerned. This article will take you through the process of eliminating this small challenge for vapers.

How to Stop Vaping

Even a new vape device from one of the most reputable sellers like ePuffer may have spit-back issues. However, you do not have to return the device since this is something that you can easily resolve at home. Follow the steps listed below.

Most spit-back occurs when you immediately fire up the coil for the first time. And then it will subside quickly. This is common since the coils heat first, and then the e-juice flows onto them. If this is the case, then all you need to do is avoid putting the device in your mouth before you hear a pop sound. Point it away and only put it into your mouth after the pop sound. This way, you will enjoy vaping without having to consume raw e-juice.

If the device is having spit-back problems more often during vaping, you can reduce the airflow so that more e-juice will get onto the coils. This way, no spit-back will occur during the process, and you will have an easy time vaping.

The last solution for spit-back is to clean the device. If dirt is clogging the wick, it will prevent e-juice from getting onto the coils. This is likely to cause spit-back in an annoying way. Once the device is cleaned and all the impurities are removed, the device will operate smoothly. The old wick can be replaced for an even better experience.


Spit-back is a small problem that can be resolved in easy steps as we have seen above. If you check everything discussed, the only spit-back you are likely to experience is when firing up the vape device for the first time. As you can see, spit-back is prevented by taking the device away from your mouth until the pop sound has occurred.