Is Bone Grafting Necessary For Dental Implants?

Dental implant restoration is considered to be as one of the most reliable methods for replacing a missing tooth. Implants are the only teeth restorative methods that replace the root of a missing tooth as well. This is why implants don’t slip and cause damages to the bone. However, to have dental implants, a patient must have a healthy bone to hold the implant. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t replace your missing teeth with implants if you do not have enough bone. This is when bone grafting procedure is done to help you receive the implant. 

What exactly does bone grafting entail? 

Generally, the process involves removing a piece of bone from other parts of a patient’s jaw or any other place and transplant into the jawbone. The bone will be reconstructed to create a more rigid place so that it can hold the dental implants Sydney. Today, there are alternative options like obtaining a bone from a cadaver source to replace the missing bone.  Speak with your dentist to know about options that will work best for you. These efforts are taken to make the implant surgery a successful one as the condition of the bone is the major factor when it comes to dental implants. 

After the bone is reconstructed, it may take several months for the transplanted bone to grow and support the actual placement of teeth implants Sydney. The bone grafting procedure is one of the factors that influence the dental implants cost Sydney

Once it is completely healed, you will move to the next part of the implant process. This starts with the placing of implants into the new jawbone. This stage also takes several months to heal and move to the next step. However, the healing time may vary from one patient to another based on their oral and overall health condition. 

Finally, the abutment will be placed, an extension of the implant, into the jaw, and you will get a new prosthetic tooth that is customised to match your other surrounding teeth.  

When is bone grafting required? 

If you do not have enough jawbone or if it is too soft or not thick enough, you’ll have to undergo bone grafting procedure before the implant surgery. This is because the implants are inserted into the bone to serve as the root of a new crown, and the root is the backbone of a tooth. If bones are not there to support the implant, the implant surgery likely would fail. A bone graft helps to create a more solid base for receiving the implant. Sometimes, you may need only minor bone grafting that can be done at the same time as the implant surgery. 

Though both the dental implants and bone graft procedures may seem time-consuming, the result is worth waiting for. Discuss with the dentist to know more about bone graft and how it affects the dental implants cost Sydney