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Top 5 Attractive Long Hairstyles for Men

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If you think 2019 hairstyles for men are boring, think again. Not only has the New Year welcomed many of the greatest trends of the year – from short buzz to medium length cuts. Among some of these hot hairstyles, there are old school hairstyles that are also trending in these days. Not only do they make men look exceptionally great, but they also reveal a lot of personality, depending on each style.While short haircuts were at the top of the trend in 2017 due to their ability to enhance hair texture, long hairstyles like the pompadour hairstyle has been huge since the start of 2019. To add more to it, it looks like these styles will keep strong even till next year. 

Probably the reason why these styles are making it so big is due to the amount of texture that is being added to all of these kinds of haircuts. Additionally, haircuts such as Taper will also keep getting more popular till the end of the hair due to its adaptability for short, longer and curly hair. However, before you try the salon appointment app

  1. Volume:

Voluminous hair is a men’s hairstyle that has remained on the top list of classic hairstyles for men. While it looks soft, it also makes girls want to run their fingers through it!

  1. Classic Side Parting:

A classic side parting hairstyle look is perfect for men who want a simple, but stylish look. It’s a great choice for office life or as a solo traveler.

  1. Distressed Spikes:

To give a little drama to your hair, try this Distressed Spikes style. Ladies love this look and often makes them want to touch it.

  1. Diagonal Cool:

Who doesn’t love their hair being swept back? Not only is it totally classy, but also gives a very modern look.It also manages to add more dimension to your hair.

  1. Micro Fringe:

If you’re someone that wants a simple and neat look, then this one’s for you. This style goes well with round and square shape faces. Be prepared to have some styling gel ready with you to pinch your hair every day. It’s easy to manage and looks cool!

While many men prefer longer hairstyles, as long hair means more styling options, the competition for different hairstyles is high. Then again, this means that there are more options for you to choose from. Testing these incredibly popular hairstyles can not only give you a totally unexpected but stylish look, they can also allow you to stay on the trend.

Sure, while most of these are for short-length hair, you can still find a lot of trendy medium to long length hairstyles that are booming among people right now. But before you pick up your phone for the barber shop app, just keep in mind that if you’re going to choose to stay on trend, you’re going to have to invest in some serious hair grooming products.