Check oral health through professionals and take a wise decision

Oral health is a health condition of your mouth that should be understood. It helps in reaching the goals and in providing guidance. It also supports the decisions of the dentist taking care of the patient’s oral health. This gives the person in charge of the oral health to make decisions and to direct the care.

The role of the dentist is to provide information so that there is enough knowledge about the oral health and you get to understand the care options to reach goals, support decisions and provide guidance. There are lots in dentistry offering the quality oral checkup and treatment as services clinique dentaire Malka.

Here are some of the details that should be considered:


You will find there is a need for lot of talking and more also to listen. Right from the first visit, there will be questions and a lot of listening to be done about your details, what you expect from oral health and how to work together to get that you want.

Personalized care

The initial time together is focused to know you and to explore that is important to you so that the oral health is taken care of at the right time. You may learn about that you anticipate. There is a need to schedule around 1 1/2 to 2 hours with each new patient so that the process happens.

In the first visit there is a need to meet the Patient Advocates so that they communicate the information. Along with the dentist and hygienist, you can be an active participant in a dental exam that includes dental x-rays, photographs, and full charting of gums and teeth.

You may review the information and review the finding with your dentist, understand the terms and look for options that are the treatments. You can hear the care based on goals and then take the decisions.

Continuity of care

There will be access to a team of skilled specialists and general dentists all under one roof. The most important thing here is you must feel comfortable and this is important as you cannot afford to break your treatment in between.

You will receive materials of education and are presented as short videos. It has written instructions and will be available as questions, additional time to discuss treatment or consults. You can involve your family or spouse in your care and also share the information.