Wisdom Teeth Removal – Top Reasons Why to go for it

Wisdom teeth the word doesn’t sound pretty cool anymore after we get to our teens. Stories of wisdom teeth sounds like horror tales, but that is not the actual whole story. In reality, wisdom teeth were helpful for ancient people to chew and eat their food.

What are wisdom teeth?

These teeth are the last molars on both row of teeth that usually erupt between the ages 17 and 25. Ancient humans used these teeth to grind up solid foods which are hard to digest. As cooking meals arrived, we have surmount wisdom teeth, and they are removed before they erupt without any effect on the normal chewing pattern.

It is often highly recommended to the vast majority of people to get wisdom teeth removal Sydney. However, many have questions like, why should I get my wisdom teeth removed if they are not bothering me now? Let us discuss some reasons why it is better to get those teeth removed.

Wisdom teeth are prone to cavities:

Wisdom teeth grow in the back of the jaw, and they grow close to other teeth. Because of this brushing and flossing, these teeth get overlooked or ignored merely resulting in cavities. It is well known that cavities lead to decay of tooth which can lead to many other painful problems to your teeth and of course you.

Wisdom teeth lead to inflamed and uncomfortable gums:

In general, our gums do not invite wisdom teeth as like other teeth. This results because of the limited space available. Often the abnormal ways wisdom teeth grow in our mouth makes it easy for bacterial build up around the gums and teeth. The gums become inflamed with pus or infection around them. All these can be really painful!

The worst is that gum inflammation spreads rapidly across large parts of your mouth becoming more challenging to treat. Besides, inflamed gums are more susceptible to infection. In addition, as you could see this is quite a snowball effect.

Wisdom teeth damage other teeth:

It is not that wisdom teeth bothers your gums, but those annoying teeth can also damage other teeth. Your other teeth generally have the space they need until the wisdom teeth crowds behind them causing problems for the second molars and also the other teeth.

Wisdom teeth often damage adjacent teeth making it necessary to get tooth filling. While in some cases, damage leads to a root canal. Also, in some cases, the problem becomes severe enough to need both the wisdom teeth and the adjacent molars removed. Having no sufficient space wisdom teeth constantly pushes the other teeth which can damage the enamel and bone, creating cavities and tooth decay.

Wisdom teeth cause problems later in life:

When your dentist suggests removal of wisdom teeth in Sydney, it is wise to go with his decision. People often neglect it thinking it is just a problem for teenagers. However, wisdom teeth that grow in wrong way start irritating from the beginning. Even if they grow into your mouth without irritating, over time, it develops many problems. With time, wisdom teeth develop their roots, and the bones of your mouth become harder making wisdom teeth removal Sydney complicated and recovery longer.

So, whenever you feel symptoms of problematic wisdom teeth, consult a dentist who will make informed decisions about affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney