What Questions to Inquire from the Personal Injury Doctor?

Shot of two doctors having a discussion

When it comes to a personal injury case, there have been several questions that a patient could and should ask his or her treating doctor. You should rest assured that the list would not be complete or exhaustive, but rather it would be meant to generate various kinds of ideas for more questions that you as a patient should ask the treating New York Personal Injury Doctor.

What is their experience in the arena?

It could seem intimidating to sit in the office of a doctor. However, you should rest assured that the expert doctor would be examining and treating you for your injuries. Nonetheless, there would be nothing wrong in asking the doctor about the experience that they had in dealing with the type of injuries you were suffering from.

What is their treatment plan for your specific injury?

You should be aware of the treatment plan the doctor has in the mind for you. In the event of it being a knee injury, the doctor should recommend physical therapy. They should also recommend the type of therapy as well. There have been several kinds of physical therapies that you would come across. These would be inclusive of muscle strengthening, conservative physical therapy, stretching programs, aqua therapy, training exercises, and combination of hot and cold applied to the injured body part.

Some doctors would be including more holistic therapies inclusive of acupuncture or chiropractic. You should inquire

  • Whether the doctor would agree or disagree with the holistic programs
  • You should inquire why they do and why they do not
  • For how long would they attempt the therapy
  • What is the result that you should expect
  • What should you expect if the therapy is unsuccessful or partially successful
  • After the injury, how soon the doctor would look forward to making you start physical therapy
  • Whether the physical treatment should be done at the facility of the doctor
  • Whether the physical therapist has been adequately licensed
  • Who would be performing the physical therapy

These would be some of the important questions to be asked by the patient to the doctor before the doctor starts with the physical therapy. It would be pertinent that you should have the best doctor at your behest to handle your personal injury treatment in the best manner possible. They would help you guide during the treatment in the right manner.