Discover 5 apps that help you maintain mental health

Among the countless technological innovations that appear daily, I found on the Medium website an incredible text indicating 5 applications that can help to keep our mind serene, balanced, and productive. I find incredible technological tools for mental health that aim to contribute to the quality of life of its users and it is always a pleasure to disseminate them. 

1 – Daylio:

This free app is defined as a mood tracker and a small diary. You choose a color for each mood and every day choose the color that matches your mood. In a few weeks, you will have a visual summary of what your life has been like. Much like this idea here at Year in Pixels. Daylio takes the same principle to the next level: in addition to selecting your mood for a given day, you will also select all the activities that contributed to that feeling. With a sufficient amount of data, you can see which climate and activity are usually together. You can see for example that you feel happier when you run, try new things or do something outdoors. You may also find that Thursdays are usually the “best mood” day and Sundays are the days when you feel the worst. Another cool thing that can happen is that you realize that there are more good days than bad days in your life.

2 – Youper :

This is considered to be the most complete free app designed to make you learn about your thought traps and how to stop them. It assesses your levels of depression, anxiety, borderline disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder, and tells you when you should seek professional help. Also, it offers meditation and mindfulness resources and a built-in gratitude journal.

3- Fabulous:

Selected by the Apple App Store as one of the best apps in 2018 and Google Play Store as a finalist in the Google Play Awards, this app was developed by Duke University to help you rewire your brain and break bad habits, helping to build new healthy habits. The app requires a subscription, but it gives you access to not only an online community but also many of the habits-related features you want to create. If you need to exercise, suggest a 7-minute workout. If you want to meditate, he suggests some guided meditations for you to try. You can accept the challenges suggested by the app for a better life or create your morning and evening rituals

.4 – Stop, Breathe & Think:

Having one of the best meditation apps, it has a large free library of guided meditations and also paid access. Based on what you are feeling at the moment, he suggests five different meditations. You can select the available voice and time. Meditations are simple, fun, and always helpful!

5 – Curable:

It is an app aimed at people who suffer from any type of chronic pain. It was developed based on the theory that the brain and nervous system create patterns around thoughts and behaviors, and the cycle of pain is programmed. Through short audios, you can choose between Chronic Pain Education, Writing Exercises, Brain Training, and Meditation, offered by a robot ‘pain trainer’, as they call it. You can choose between a monthly, annual, or lifetime subscription, but even if you are not looking for an extra expense, if you suffer chronic pain it is worth trying the free version for just one month and see how much better you feel.