How to identify and prevent burning in the stomach?

The number of people with burning, or heartburn, has increased a lot in recent years and much of this is due to incorrect eating habits. The stress , the long intervals between one meal and another common on a busy day, and the intake of fatty foods, highly acidic or overly seasoned are the main causes of discomfort. In this article, you have to identify the reasons for burning in the stomach.
Why does the burning happen?

The burning happens due to an increase in the production of gastric acid and the return of it in the esophageal tube. In this context, four groups of patients can be distinguished: those with dyspepsia (difficulty digesting food), with acute or chronic gastritis and patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease .

How to identify?

The main characteristic of burning is pain in the stomach area, which causes a burning sensation. Sometimes, this pain radiates and resembles a pain in the chest, more precisely behind the sternum bone, located in the anterior part of the chest. The correct diagnosis can only be given by a doctor, based on the analysis of the patient’s clinical history.

However, it is always important to investigate whether the burning in the stomach is not a symptom of something more serious, such as gastritis, esophagitis or an ulcer. For this, the doctor must resort to exams such as endoscopy.

The correct diagnosis can only be given by a doctor, based on the analysis of the patient’s clinical history.

How to treat?

Symptoms can be treated with antacids, histaminergic inhibitors and proton pump inhibitors. The most important thing, however, is to address the cause. Therefore, it is worth investing in a healthier  and more regulated diet . For stress, the best remedy is to create a new life routine.

Home remedies for stomach pain

What is good for stomach pain? It is also worth using proven home methods. First of all, remember about a balanced,  easily digestible diet based on regular, but small portions of meals. During indigestion, do not eat heavy foods, alcohol and carbonated drinks. It is worth choosing a gruel made of rice or apples. 

Herbs are a popular home treatment

  • camomile, 
  • mint, 
  • linden,
  • Linseed.

Additionally, caraway has a diastolic effect  . Manuka honey also has valuable properties  , which primarily improves the regeneration of intestinal lesions, as well as reduces the symptoms of stomach ulcers and constipation. People who struggle with diarrhea should avoid it because it has a slight laxative effect.