How does psychological dependence develop? 

Although it is considered to be minor, it can eventually be very harmful. When we consider addiction, we always consider the physical impact that it has on us. However, one tends to ignore the mental trauma that addiction causes ultimately. Severe addiction can eventually result in various emotional and mental trauma. However, it is necessary to acknowledge the fact that there is a significant difference between psychological dependence, physical dependence, and addiction.

When we are psychologically dependent on someone, all we expect from them is complete support. 

What is psychological dependence? 

Psychological dependence refers to the process when someone becomes very emotionally dependent on a person. This dependence can, however, take a toll on the mental health of the person. Psychological dependence mostly occurs when someone starts taking drugs. The addiction to drugs, however, leads to motivational and emotional withdrawal. When one stops taking the required drugs, they start showing the signs. There is always a constant craving to get the thing they are addicted to. 

Since psychological dependence is different, it is necessary to understand the different impacts. The signs of psychological dependence will vary from person to person. However, there are certain common signs of psychological dependence too. Some of the most common signs include the following.

  • You fail to relish the pleasure
  • Increased anxiety
  • Depression
  • Dissatisfied with life
  • Always uneasy

How does it develop? 

Mental dependence or psychological dependence isn’t a one-day thing. It tends to develop with each passing day and is considered to be extremely harmful if not taken care of properly. 

The working of emotional dependence is very much similar to that of physical dependence. But does it occur? A certain stimulus happens in both the cases and the continuous exposure to it, eventually leading to serious problems. Drugs, however, are considered to be the most common stimuli for emotional development. Nonetheless, there are several other instances too that give rise to mental dependence.

The symptoms of mental dependence may not be visible to everyone. Mentally dependent people often show signs of withdrawal or try to hide their feelings of anxiety or depression. 

Mental and physical dependence are closely connected. If someone is becoming mentally dependent on something, it is necessary to help them cope with it as soon as possible. 

Experts at The Recovery Place suggest that not helping the people with signs will eventually lead them to depression, and the person might as well become suicidal.