Knowing the basics about Elmiron lawsuit

For the unversed, Elmiron lawsuits refers to claims related to diagnosis of pigmentary maculopathy in patients after taking the medication. Many patients have accused the manufacturer of the drug – Janssen – of failure, because it failed to warn doctors and patients about the potential side effects of the drug, especially with regards to vision concerns. There are many law firms that are working with victims file an Elmiron lawsuit in the US, and their claim is rather simple – the manufacturer must compensate the patients for impending medical bills, suffering & pain, besides other losses, like loss of wages.

Filing Elmiron lawsuit

If you, or someone you may know, would like to file an Elmiron lawsuit, you have to find a lawyer who can take up your case separately. Note that these lawsuits join into MDL, which is meant to speed up the entire process of settlement and negotiation. Patients who have suffered eye damage after consuming Elmiron can file the lawsuit, but there is a statute of limitations in every state. This means that such a case or lawsuit should be filed within a specific period, not extending one to two years in most states.

Knowing the grounds

Most Elmiron lawsuits against the manufacturer are related to ‘failure to warn”. Prior to June 2020, the packaging of the drug and the label didn’t list maculopathy as a risk of taking Elmiron, and therefore, most doctors who prescribed Elmiron were unaware of the same. This also means that the patients could have avoided the drug, if warning was given specifically on the label. Evidence is available to prove that almost one-fourth of patients taking Elmiron may develop what is known as pigmentary maculopathy, which can lead to permanent blindness.

Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible if you are dealing with similar side effects after taking Elmiron.