Surgery To Remove Thyroid Cancer

Although not as common as some other cancers, medical professionals diagnose thousands of new cases of thyroid cancer in the U.S. annually. Discover answers to common questions and learn important information about thyroid cancer and surgery to remove thyroid cancer.

What Is The Thyroid Gland?

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck, with a left and right lobe connected by the isthmus. It makes thyroid hormones, which in turn are secreted into the bloodstream and carried to all the tissues of the body. Thyroid hormones help perform many bodily functions, regulates metabolism and helps keep vital organs working as they should work.

When the thyroid produces too much hormones the condition is called “Hyperthyroidism.” This is not the same as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, often a result of hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid function. Healthline explains that when hyperthyroidism occurs, the thyroid gland can produce too much T3, T4 or both hormones.

How Is Thyroid Cancer Diagnosed?

When an individual develops suspicious thyroid nodes or other thyroid abnormalities, a doctor typically recommends a biopsy and if necessary, surgery to remove thyroid cancer.

Hyperparathyroidism, or the result of tumors on at least one of the parathyroid glands, also has the potential to become cancerous, which potentially results in surgical removal of the tumors.

What Should I Expect During Thyroid Cancer Treatment?

The first sign leading a doctor to suspect abnormality of the thyroid gland is that the doctor feels change in shape or size of the thyroid. The doctor may refer the patient to an endocrinologist or team of professionals such as The Surgery Group of Los Angeles for surgery to remove thyroid cancer, upon receiving a confirmed diagnosis.

It is crucial to receive treatment for any thyroid abnormality as soon as possible. While some doctors feel thyroid abnormalities during exam, many nodules cannot be automatically felt by doctors, indicating the need for ultrasound and a likely biopsy.

The American Cancer Society indicates that an average of two or three of every 20 thyroid nodules do prove cancerous. Although multiple causes of growths on the thyroid gland exist, you should never assume that yours are harmless. Only a trained medical professional with experience treating thyroid diseases, including thyroid cancer, has the expertise to determine whether you need treatment, up to and including surgery.

In fact, the American Thyroid Association (ATA) points out, “The primary treatment for all types of thyroid cancer is surgery.” When you need thyroid cancer surgery, receive specialized care at The Surgery Group of Los Angeles, where Dr. Cohen has the expertise to perform your surgery, using the latest technological advances, including robotic (DaVinci) thyroid surgery.

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