Can You Boost Up The Healing Process Of Your Skin And Wounds

Our skin has the power of healing itself. But sometimes we see our wounds are not recovering as fast as it used to in the past. It is a warning from your body that the body is not doing well. Scars are not just some ordinary cuts, and there are pimple marks as well which wouldn’t go away. Poor lifestyle and diet can be a significant reason for the poor healing rate. Intake of vitamin C, zinc, protein and vitamin k can improve the healing rate of your skin. Here are some more tips on how you can enhance the speed of healing of the skin.

The process of wound healing:

Our body does everything in a very systematic way. So it also follows a pattern on healing wounds. There are three stages of healing of wounds. In Inflammatory stage, our blood vessels become tight the area where we got the wound. It prevents blood loss. It also builds a clot there, and the blood vessels expand. It makes sure that you get the best blood flow in the wound. Our wounds feel warm and red because of the blood flow.

In the second stage collagen and protein, fibre starts to make the skin barrier that heals the area of the wound. In the last stage, our body sends an immense amount of collagen to the wound to recover fast. Scars also fade away if you have taken good care with proper diet and medication.

Things you should do to speed up the process


Vitamin c promote healing skin in the most natural way. You should eat fruits that are high in vitamin C to get the safest way to heal the skin. You can also incorporate some other vitamins and minerals with your doctor’s supervision. Zinc and vitamin B complex is important for skin healing. Especially vitamin B5 and B12 is known as skin healers.

Eat turmeric:

Curcumin is a substance that is found in turmeric. It also promote healing skin that is seen in research on the animals. Add a tablespoon of turmeric to any cooked food that you eat. You can add it to your rice, curry or chillies.

Apply tea tree oil:

If there is the third party in the skin healing process, then the recovery gets tougher. The third party means bacteria that may live in your wound. So try to apply tea tree oil to your wound that will kill any trace of bacteria. Add few drops of tea tree oil in warm water and then wash the wound with it.

Apply rosehip oil:

If you are afraid of getting a scar from the wound, then rosehip oil is the best choice. If your scars are from a pimple then also you can apply rosehip oil every day after using all other skin care stuff. Apply it thrice a day to see the best result.

Avoid nicotine:

According to many doctors, nicotine tightens our blood vessels. It prevents nutrients from reaching the wound and healing it fast. Even if you take a lot of nutrition to heal wound it still will not work because of the nicotine. So quit smoking at least until you are healed completely.

Do some exercise:

If the wound is not from a major operation, then consider going for some light exercise. You can also try to go for a walk. These physical exercises will improve blood circulation in your body. The more blood goes to the wound the faster it heals. In case the injury is major then ask your doctor’s opinion on exercise and then start it.


Even after doing all the things correctly the wound may take some time to heal correctly. Do not panic for that. Have a healthy diet every day and stay away from over thinking. Keep your scar elevated for 15 to 30 minutes a day. Everything will be fine if you keep patience.